About Us

Fieldhouse Realty Group

Fieldhouse Realty Group (FRG) is a full-service-ready real estate company here to serve you and your family in ALL of your real estate needs. Our mission is clear and simple, Our Focus is Your Family! Surely, by now you have heard of FieldhouseUSA and the versatility that the team brings to the sporting industry!? From practice to play, food to fun, tip-offs to set points, FieldhouseUSA houses multiple indoor sports where everyone has a place to play while creating an amazing experience for ALL that enter the FieldhouseUSA doors!

Fieldhouse Realty Group brings that same energy, fun, and professionalism to the ever evolving and exciting real estate industry. We are sister companies that share some of the same buildings-only we don’t fight over the bathroom counter space. We strive to be a forward-thinking, problem-solving, client-focused, family-centric outlook company. Fieldhouse Realty Group is excited and glad to assist all residents of North Texas and soon expanding into multiple other areas of the state, as well as several other states coming soon! Residential homes, commercial buildings, new construction, vacant lots, farm & ranch land, apartments, we handle it all. 

The next time you are in the need to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, consider FRG to hand you your new key!

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