Our Mission

The Fieldhouse Realty Group Mission Statement (“FRG”)

Fieldhouse Realty Group (“FRG”) was established in 2020 with the concept of being an added amenity to the FieldhouseUSA guest and serving the community in buying, selling, and finding your family home.  FRG’s secondary mission to serve is providing real estate agents a platform to build their own business and create the ease and flexibility that all entrepreneurs seek.

Fieldhouse’s mantra/mission statement is the foundation of our customer service and community relations, which are paramount in the success of our business and critical to achieving growth and retention of our participants and business partners.

We pride ourselves with the fact that families in the cities and the surrounding areas that have Fieldhouse locations will enter our front door and participate in the well-rounded multipurpose activities, events, and programs we offer.

Our goal is SIMPLE, “Your Family = Our focus”!  We strive to retain the clients we have through delivering first-class service and creating customer loyalty through timely and considerate resolution when problems occur – as they always will in the real world. We recruit new customers through conventional and creative marketing efforts; however, we hope to create a positive impression on each person that enters the building so that word of mouth will be our most powerful customer recruiting tool.

Our best testimonial is the facility itself.  From players and parents to sports-loving patrons, Fieldhouse offers the most incredible basketball, indoor soccer, flag football, volleyball, and other sports program experience to everyone that enters the facility.

Adult and child health, along with social interaction, has never been a more prominent issue of discussion than it is today. As a youth and adult, sports facility, we recognize that we are examples to the young men and women that we serve. Because of this responsibility and because of our company’s sports-centric nature – encouraging fitness, healthy living, and social activity is a large part of the corporate culture.

We partner and support our local organizations, provide charitable camps and leagues for our youth and work with the ISD’s to participate in their field days so the kids are in a safe, clean, and fun environment.

Community means a great deal to Fieldhouse.  We are very appreciative of the Cities that we have partnered with.  We know and understand that without the Community there is no Fieldhouse; therefore, when it comes to organizing our leagues, events, programs, and anything related to our facility we base every decision with the Community in mind first.  The Mayor of Frisco and Owner of The Cheney Group says it best about Fieldhouse, “I can’t imagine raising my children in Frisco without FieldhouseUSA.  I feel like I spend half my life there.”

Expansion:  The first Fieldhouse opened its doors March 7th, 2009 and as of summer of 2021 Fieldhouse now has six (6) locations across the U.S. located in Grapevine, Texas; Mansfield, Texas; Auburn, Washington; Columbus, Ohio; and Denver, Colorado with an average of more than six (6) million guests annually.  As an amenity to the Fieldhouse customer a new Adventure Park company, Airhouse, was established in 2019 and now is a part of each new location.  During the 2020 COVID pandemic Fieldhouse worked daily to navigate the task at hand and in doing so realized there was an opportunity to help those in need even more. 

The Fieldhouse Realty Group (“FRG”) mission is simple, “Your Family = Our Focus”. FRG was founded to serve its community by helping families buy, sell, or investing in real estate.  We also provide real estate agents a platform to build their own businesses and create the ease and flexibility that all entrepreneurs seek.  We understand that many businesses and workers lost their incomes during the pandemic and we are committed to transitioning those that are seeking a new career the opportunity to become a vital part of FRG as an agent and member of the team.
The Fieldhouse Realty Group (“FRG”) wants to welcome you to the FAMILY at FieldhouseUSA!  Whether you are looking to buy, sell or start your own business as an agent, come visit us at any FieldhouseUSA location and let our team assist you in making your dreams come true!

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